Gaming, in no time, has transformed into a money-minting industry. Amongst the most played and popular games is Rummy. The much engrossing game of cards, Rummy has taken over every nook and corner of the world. Players like to play this game as per their preferences. While the world is shifting gears to every possible ‘online’ alternative, there are people who choose to stick with the physical or the offline and conventional counterparts. The same applies to Rummy. Besides the get-togethers, Rummy clubs, etc. that facilitate physical Rummy; now players are also exposed to copious websites which allows them to play this spine-chilling game online. What makes this already fun game more fun is that you can play cash Rummy as well; both online and offline. All the emotions attached with the game multiply the moment the player decides that they can either make more money or lose what they have in hand.

Though, both the variants are enjoyed and zealously played by the players; there are features and aspects where the two substitutes differ. And this makes a player choose one format over the other. But what exactly is the difference between the same game, when played online, and when played offline? The decisive differences between online and physical Rummy take several aspects into account. These are:

  1. What you’ll need: There are prerequisites for everything. Even if you want to play a game. If you wish to play Rummy in its conventional way; then, you’ll need a deck of cards, players to play with you, obviously a place to play.

Whereas, all you need to ace online Rummy is a phone/tablet with stable internet connectivity. With multiple websites and applications offering Rummy games online, players don’t need to look out for people to play Rummy. Be it in the late evening or early morning, online Rummy wouldn’t disappoint you. 

  1. Monetary considerations: Often people play conventional Rummy at family gatherings or as rituals during festivals, mostly in India. Making the game all about money is a choice they may or may not make. In the case of online Rummy, games and tournaments attract players and players can choose from low to high, basically how much they are ready to put at stake. And players can earn big if they understand the nature of the game. 
  2. Everything happens in real-time: In online Rummy, you get only seconds to think and act. Like the physical Rummy, you don’t get the liberty to keep the opponents waiting until you decide the move. More than the pressure of winning and losing, often there is a pressure of not washing hands off from the money. So you take your time to make the best possible move when you play offline Rummy, but online Rummy gives you mere seconds to decide your next chance. It forces you to make decisions quickly while ensuring that you don’t lose anything. 
  3. Anonymity: This is the kind of feature you can avail online only. You can choose to remain anonymous and play. And your anonymity doesn’t even hamper your game. Well, in physical Rummy, no such thing like anonymity can be exercised. 
  4. Scope of bluffing: One can hardly imagine physical Rummy without bluff. Bluff is the essence of Rummy. Bluff masters can often change the wave of triumph to their side. Half of the thrill from offline Rummy especially, from the cash Rummy will vanish if we remove bluff from it. But, online Rummy doesn’t live up to this expectation and the manifestation of the bluff masters. All you see in online Rummy is what your opponent drops and picks from the open pile. 
  5. Hassle-free: Online space is such that everything gets served for you. You only need to be there. Whenever you feel like playing Rummy, as far as you want to go for online Rummy; all you need to do is login and select what you wish to play. In physical Rummy, quite a hassle goes in before you actually begin the game. 
  6. Your rewards? : Online Rummy websites are bombarded with special offers and promotions. From cash rewards to bonuses and discounts, you’ll get it all. It means more fun! If you’re a new-comer, then a bonus reward is an add-on you’ll get. But in physical Rummy, there are no such schemes and offers to lure you. In the race of rewards and incentives, the online Rummy for sure leaves the physical counterpart behind. 
  7. Fair play: While you play online, you’ll be playing without fear of being cheated. Websites embedded with fair-play plug-ins ensure that every participant is playing a fair game. But, when players are engaged in the conventional physical Rummy game, they are always suspicious that their opponent might cheat. Since, crucial things like dealing, shuffling cards, etc. are done by the hosting site; safe and ethical procedures are taken care of. 
  8. Security: Security is another concern. Rummy is mostly preferred to play with cash. And in Cash Rummy, one thing that everyone considers first, especially in online Rummy is safe and secure transactions. The websites ensure that they are a safe space for the players to make transactions and the payment gateway is secured. A lot of times, even the physical Rummy clubs, etc. wouldn’t have such staunch security.
  9. Variations: The physical Rummy, no matter how fondly played, but it is still the same. On the other hand, online Rummy is much more diverse. From low-value table to high-value table, from pool to point, from free to cash; websites offer different variants. Who doesn’t like to choose from so many options? 

It does depend on preferences which mode suits whom. But, the online revamped version of cash Rummy is what every Rummy freak should check out at least for once. Online cash Rummy is bewitching, enthralling, and everything you can ever expect. And mushrooming of websites has forced them to experiment more and provide an even better experience to players.